Traffic Privacy

Encrypted traffic from any app, through the Tor network, gives you the highest standard of security and privacy.


Stop Snooping

No extra eyes know what apps you are using, and when, or can stop you from using them.


Protected History

No central logging of your traffic history or IP address by your network operator and app servers.


Powered by Tor

Orbot is your trusted connection for Tor on Android and iOS.


Protect and unblock
specific apps.

Orbot (on Android) allows you to specifically choose which apps to route through Tor, allowing you to still use apps and service that may be concerned with traffic coming from Tor.


Super fast, super secure access to popular onion services.

Onion services are versions of sites that can only be accessed by Tor. Orbot allows any app to connect to an onion service, and for your phone to host an onion service itself!


Stay Connected

Orbot offers access to a variety of Tor Bridges, so you can stay connected even on the most restricted networks

“Orbot is the safest way to stay connected to the apps I need!"

Play store review - May 21, 2018

About the developers.

Orbot is free and open source. Anyone may help contribute, audit or inspect the code. Main contributing programmers include Nathan Freitas, Hans-Christoph Steiner, Bim, Benjamin Erhart and more from Guardian Project.

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Free and open.

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